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Welcome to the Month of March

Welcome to the Month of March

Welcome to the month of March. If you hate winter as much as I do, I am sure you are praying for this cold and dark season to be over. The happy month of March brings sunnier days and the knowledge that spring is just around the corner. One of the major meteorological events we look forward to this month is the spring or vernal equinox, which will happen on March 20. This means warmer days as the sun will begin to rise due east and set due west. 

As the weather warms up, it is our hope at Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM) that this spring and the coming summer will be better than the last one. Of course, it will mean increased activities and more engagement with our readers, and we welcome the challenge. To ensure our readiness, we have started to connect with young Nigerian writers around the world, especially those in Nigeria.  

We strongly believe that engaging the Nigerian youth population through writing while highlighting the achievements of their peers will create sharper minds needed for change. However, we cannot do this without your support – either through buying a sponsorship, purchasing our products, making a donation or even suggesting what we can do better. We continue to look forward to your involvement. 

We will also continue to publish our interviews with notable and outstanding Nigerians. Our ultimate goal is to bring you the stories of people you want to hear about. As we tell these stories, it is important not to forget those who paved the way for us. This is why we used the opportunity of Black History Month to recognize the achievements of some outstanding Nigerians, such as Olaudah Equiano, Fela Kuti, Chinua Achebe, Fumilayo Kuti and August Agboola Browne. We hope you enjoyed reading about these great Nigerians.     

Finally, I implore you to continue to support NPM. If you have not reached out to us, this month is a good time to do so as we plan to engage the services of young Nigerians.

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  1. Princely Onyenwe

    This is a cheery news. Very excellent. I always read you guys over here. I have also kept sharing your notifications to all my downlines and grassroots.

    Your ideas are wonderful. Hope to see you then.

    My regards

    From Princely Onyenwe
    Nigeria.+234 08036856526

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