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Featured Article

Precious Henshaw: The Young Nigerian-American Art Genius

Story By Bob Inunga When you meet Precious Henshaw, her demeanor obscures her talent. She is calm, humble, unassuming, and – with her permission – I can even describe her as shy. But when she speaks about art, her knowledge matches that of famous painters such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Rembrandt. By the time the NPM interview with Henshaw concluded, we had an overpowering sense of pride and satisfaction. We reshuffled our lineup of Nigerians who are doing amazing things in the United States and beyond. There are so many of them, unheard and unappreciated. Henshaw captures the very reason why we started Nigerian Parents magazine – to bring you the stories of Nigerians who are doing remarkable things around the world. She is young, intelligent, and talented. But above all, she is a young Nigerian-American who decided to pursue her dreams without fear of what anyone else thinks. In order words, she has engaged the world on her own terms. Henshaw started painting as soon as she figured out how to hold pencils, she tells Nigerian Parents. She, like Kwame – the story we brought to you last month – embodies the values that Nigerian parents instill in their children at an early age. For them, education is everything. Henshaw’s mother is a

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Editor’s Note

Introducing Nigerian Parents Magazine

Hamilton Odunze
Executive Editor

It is with a deep sense of purpose that I introduce to you Nigerian Parents, our new monthly magazine. Let me be the first to admit that bringing this first edition to fruition was not an easy task, but we started with the conviction that the only impossible journey is the one you never begin. This statement was what my university chancellor shared with me while I was in college many years ago. Since then, the statement has guided my ambitions.

Luckily, it also captures the thinking of the entire editorial team. Collectively, Nigerian Parents has embarked on a journey to bring you world-class readership experiences and interactions. It perhaps bears mentioning that our editorial team has been selected from a pool of talented men and women who will always go the extra mile to deliver inspiring stories and insights to our readers.

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