November 2022 Edition

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Okey Ndibe – Reshaping the World with Words- Part 2

In a previous installment of this feature, award-winning author, Okey Ndibe, shared about growing up and becoming a writer. It as a riveting conversation which left many of our readers wanting more. In this installment, Ndibe describes his writing style, the inherent activism in his books and his upcoming work. Enjoy! NPM: Let us talk about your writing style a little bit. You have a distinctive way of writing. Tell us about it. NDIBE: Well, the simple secret to writing is reading. When I teach, I tell my students that reading is a vitamin to a writer, and a writer should take more and more vitamins. And the only way you acquire these vitamins is by reading widely. So, when I was young, I mentioned earlier that my mom was a schoolteacher. I had what I thought was a hellish childhood because my mother would not allow us to go out and play unless we read a book. To go …

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Oye Owolewa Re-Elected

U.S Shadow Representative District of Columbia Oye Owolewa won in the general election on November 8, 2022. Elected on January 3, 2021, Owolewa’s current term …

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Introducing Oyotunji Village

We want to use the opportunity of Black History Month (BHM) to recognize a vital piece of black history. Established in 1970 in Sheldon, South …

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Igbo Landing of 1803

Igbo Landing of 1803 We seize the opportunity of Black History Month (BHM) to recognize a powerful story of resistance – Igbo Landing. In May …

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How the Neem (Dogonyaro) Tree Came to Kauai Island

Way before Nigeria became the brain drain hub of America and the rest of the west; a few other resource transfers went unnoticed and forgotten. …

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Welcome to November

We have redesigned and rebranded our website. This redesigning and rebranding indicate that the Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM) is in the game for the long …

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