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Welcome to the Month of July

Welcome to July!  July 4th is America’s Independence Day.  In 1776, the Continental Congress declared the thirteen American colonies free from the British monarch, King George III. As we celebrate America’s independence, let’s remember to keep Nigeria in our thoughts and prayers.          

As you know, crime waves spike in the summer and researchers have come up with a number of reasons why: we leave our doors and windows open, we stay out late with the extra daylight hours, the kids are out of school, and the heat-induced discomfort will make some people act irrationally. Let’s face it, the list could be endless. But my hope is that over the Fourth of July festivities, and as we go through these hot summer months, that our families remain healthy and safe.  

You likely remember that last month we brought you the story of Dr. Beulah Iroegbu, a California-based nurse who decided to change the way the world receives Nigerian food. The overwhelming interest in Dr. Iroegbu’s story is an indication of the rising interest in ethnic cuisines. So, if you have not yet commented on Dr. Iroegbu’s feature, I invite you to read it and take advantage of our extended message and chat windows. And if you have not tried her product, I encourage you to order yours today.

Dr. Iroegbu’s feature, and your interest in the article, show that we are keeping our promise: no dull moments in Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM). We hope to continue the trend this month, with some new opportunities for you to engage with NPM and other readers.

There is no dull moment in NPM. That is why I am pleased to introduce you to my new column “Candid Pen ®,” which will be a weekly, Friday feature. In this new column, I will discuss interesting areas of our lives and you can join in the conversation. Our dialogue will be a great way to achieve a more perfect Nigerian diaspora community. I hope you join me in this new journey.

Also coming up this month is our “NPM Banter ®,” where we publish weekly, thought provoking conversation on our website and social media channels. NPM Banter will be anchored by our veteran moderator and Chairman of the NPM Editorial Board, Dr. Ejike Eze. I invite you to join Dr. Eze and me as we delve into some thought-provoking topics.     

As usual, we offer the writers in our audience an opportunity to contribute to NPM. You can join the NPM writing family by sending your well-written essays and articles for possible publication in our magazine. To send us your essay, follow this link https://nigerianparents.com/contact/ or on our website, click on Contact Us. We welcome all budding and seasoned writers, bloggers and guest writers to submit essays for publication in our fast growing magazine. 

I am also very excited about this month’s issue because we will be publishing our interview with Dr. Oye Owolewa. Dr. Owolewa is the first Nigerian-American elected to the United States House of Representatives from the District of Columbia. In the NPM interview, Dr. Owolewa talked about his push for DC statehood and his efforts to ensure that young Nigerians are safe while exercising their rights to peaceful protest. You will enjoy this most engaging interview.

Finally, I never finish my editorial without asking you to support NPM. You can show your support by visiting our website and leaving us a message or commenting on any of our social media platforms. Or you can support us by visiting the NPM store, which is filled with some of the best quality souvenirs you can find. Please visit the NPM store at https://nigerianparents.com/shop/.

Hamilton Odunze – follow me on Twitter @hodunze1

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