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Welcome to March

Welcome to March. Did you know that March is the start of the new year in terms of astronomical events? It starts in the last two weeks of March when Mars, Saturn, and Venus will be in the same field of view. Besides the intriguing and captivating planetary events in March, I am particularly excited because it is the beginning of sunnier days and the knowledge that another summer is around the corner.        

And, with most people vaccinated, I anticipate this summer will be more eventful than the two previous ones. So let us use this summer’s opportunity to do what Nigerians do better than others – enjoy each other’s company. First, however, we must do it safely and responsibly. 

March is also women’s history month. While we will make earnest efforts to bring you stories of Nigerian women who have impacted the course of history, we offer you the opportunity to celebrate the women in your life at editor@nigerianparents.com.

Speaking of our women achievers and go-getters, I want to use the opportunity of this editor’s note to thank our readers for the encouraging responses we received to our feature story on Nkem DenChukwu. DenChukwu’s storytelling and film production skills are profound, and she is a motivated trailblazer. I urge you to read her books and continue looking for her works. We hope to give you future opportunities to interact with DenChukwu.

Also, in the coming weeks, we will bring you, Dr. Iheoma Iruka, as our feature story. Dr. Iruka is the Founding Director of Equity Research Action Coalition. She is also a Research Professor in the Department of Public Policy and a Fellow at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. 

Dr. Iruka has a portfolio of exciting projects. Her focus is on improving early learning and childhood outcomes through equitable distribution of opportunities. While she has completed many significant projects, her African-Centered Racial Equity Justice is at the heart of our admiration and interest. I urge you to look out for the publication and, as usual, remain engaged.  

Finally, I never end my editorial without letting you know how to support NPM. As we grow in global reach, we urge you to take advantage of our competitive advertising rates. We assure you that your business will not only be good on our site but will also be a moral statement.

I also encourage you to visit our NPM store at https://nigerianparents.com/shop/. Our products are some of the best of their kind in the market. Most importantly, please send us your letters at editor@nigerianparents.com.

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