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Welcome to June!

Let me start this editorial by recognizing the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. A few days ago, a gunman killed 19 innocent children and 2 teachers in an elementary school in the small town of Uvalde, Texas. Of course, any parent’s worst nightmare is the death of a child. Our thoughts and prayers at NPM are with these children’s parents, loved ones, and those who lost their lives in this senseless shooting. We pray that God gives them the courage to bear these incalculable losses.

Speaking of editorial, a few months ago, in my editorial, I said that the Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM) had crossed the Rubicon in our promises to our readers. Now, a canvas painting depicting Julius Caesar and his army crossing the Rubicon River hangs in our conference room at the (NPM) office. We use it to remind ourselves that we have also crossed the Rubicon in our promises to our readers. In other words, our commitment to continue bringing you the stories of Nigerians who have made a significant impact in their areas of endeavor is enduring. Our service to the Nigerian community worldwide is a proprietary service. In other words, we are the only media that brings this service to you as a primary objective.

As if it was not enough, Professor Jacob Kehinde Olupona of the Harvard School of Divinity introduced a new perspective in our interview with him. First, he said, “he is excited about NPM because we give the Nigerian diaspora and the youths an identity in a world where people seek to connect with their heritage.” Then he encouraged us not to relent. When a renowned scholar like Professor Olupona says these words of approval, we had no choice but to double our efforts.

Before I say more about the NPM interview with Professor Olupona, let me tell you about some events that make June an exciting month. I start with the event we all look forward to – Father’s Day! Father’s Day comes up on June 19 in the United States. It is a day set aside to honor fatherhood and paternal bonds. As we celebrate this Day, I plead that, as Nigerian fathers, we continue to live up to the duties of fatherhood. Therefore, I want to use the opportunity of this editorial to wish our fathers a happy Father’s Day.     

Also coming in June is the Global Day of Parents. It is June 1. Although it has a short history, created by the United Nations in 2012, it is a day to honor parents worldwide. While I know that as Nigerians, holding our parents in high esteem is who we are, let us use this Day to show more appreciation to them. Children’s Day also comes up on the second Sunday in June. Children’s Day would bring nostalgic memories if you grew up in Nigeria as I did. It is a day set aside to highlight the importance of children and celebrate them as the world’s future. First, however, let me urge parents to understand that today, we live in a world of shifting and challenging social norms. As a result, some of our children face myriad of problems and difficulties in different areas of their lives. However, our job is to invest in their physical and emotional well-being and make the world a better place for them.  

Then comes the summer solstice, which happens between June 20 and June 22. The summer solstice is the Longest Day of the year and signals the arrival of summer.  The summer solstice comes with its historical traditions. For some people, the solstice signifies changes and new beginnings. In fact, throughout the centuries, the solstice has been celebrated with music and midsummer celebrations. Therefore, as we officially welcome the summer of 2022, NPM wishes you a happy and safe summer.     

Let me return to the NPM interview with Professor Olupona and urge you to read it. In this interview, he talked about the importance of speaking your language to your children. We believe this scintillating interview will catalyze a conversation about the importance of our children’s understanding and expressing themselves in our mother tongues.   

 Finally, I never end my editorial without asking you to support NPM. There are many ways to help NPM at www.nigerianparents.com.   

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