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Welcome to December

Another Christmas is here, and who would have thought that almost two years into the pandemic, the situation would only seem to be marginally better. In many places around the United States and the world, the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are only beginning to wane. Nigerians, like most other people, are still abiding by these restrictions.

However, in a festive period such as Christmas, it is obvious that these restrictions affect Nigerians more than any other people. This is because Nigerians like to celebrate Christmas with large crowds of friends and family. We celebrate it sincerely and genuinely, both in the United States and in Nigeria. If you are lucky and privileged enough to travel to Nigeria to celebrate Christmas in the good old-fashioned way – masquerades, children singing and dancing and endless visits of friends and family – on behalf of Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM), I wish you a safe trip.  

Yet in the busy celebration of Christmas, the statement, “it is the reason for the season” is not a cliché for Nigerians. This is because we understand that it is a period to reflect on our relationship with God. While we may not fully grasp the scope of it, we know that Christmas is a period dedicated to understanding God’s love for humanity. On behalf of NPM and from our families to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Let me also take the opportunity of this December issue, in the last month of the year, to refresh your memory about why NPM was started: to discover and tell the stories of people with Nigerian heritage who are doing amazing work in their areas of endeavor and in promoting Nigerian culture. Although we have brought many of these stories to you, I strongly believe that we are still only beginning to bring the stories of Nigerians to the world. In other words, we have a long way to go together. All we ask is for you to bring your zeal and zest and leave the rest in the capable hands of the NPM team.  

For example, this past month, NPM discovered Kelly Ogbonna, the 19-year-old founder and CEO of Cash Capital Investments. Ogbonna has been talked about in major media news outlets such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, the Los Angeles Tribune, and many more. In November, Forbes Magazine named Ogbonna the number one person to know and follow, in a list of ten people that included recognizable names. This is because the 19 year old has developed an e-commerce learning platform aimed at helping new traders execute robust strategies in investment opportunities. Since the development of her e-commerce platform, Ogbonna has helped people collect over $65 million in profits and maintained a success rate of 95% for five months. Currently, Cash Capital Investment is the number one investment group in the world.

In her interview with NPM, Ogbonna dedicates her success to her faith in God and her upbringing. We invite you to read and react to our interview with this emerging investment genius. Finally, I urge you to remain engaged with NPM. You can do this by writing in, leaving a comment, sharing our stories, and contacting us with your adverts and stories that you want the world to read. We are here for you.      

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