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Welcome to the Month of May

Welcome to the month of May! Have you noticed our new slogan – “It Takes a Village”? We have placed it conspicuously in red on our website. It is the truism that helped our parents raise well-adjusted children without being overwhelmed. They relied on each other and the entire community, because they knew that the most difficult yet important job is to raise good citizens. We believe that our new slogan aptly captures the essence of why we started Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM) – to create a virtual village where we can interact with our children and each other in achieving this important task. Before I continue with this month’s note, I invite you to weigh in and give us your opinion.   

Let me continue by recognizing the nature of May – the month of my birthday. May sees the peak of tornadoes in the United States and other tornado-prone areas of the world. My prayer is that people who live in these areas of the United States and anywhere else in the world will remain safe. I hope they remain vigilant and take adequate precautions.

Despite the tornadoes, there is good news on many fronts for the month of May. For instance, most countries in the world are beginning to return to normalcy as people are being vaccinated. It appears after the intense debate on vaccine safety that the pros of being vaccinated outweigh the cons. It seems like it is our only way of getting together to enjoy each other’s company in the exuberant Nigerian way that we are used to. However, experts have warned that it is not time for us to drop our guards. Therefore, let us continue to adhere to safety rules and guidelines, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

The good news does not stop with the gradual return to normalcy. It continues with our innovative ideas at NPM. In the weeks since my last editor’s note, NPM has added a business directory, which will make it easier to find and patronize Nigerian-owned businesses in the United States and Canada. We strongly believe that a business directory is a good way to build a diaspora community, based upon the understanding that steps taken towards collective success must be deliberate and intentional. It is a free service from NPM that every business owner can take advantage of by listing their details here: www.nigerianparents.com/business-directory.  

To continue the good news, I am delighted to report that we have seen an uptick in visitors to the NPM store. If you have purchased any of our merchandize, on behalf of the team, I say a big thank you! I would also congratulate you, because you have purchased a high-quality souvenir item that is the first of its kind. We will continue to update our store while waiting for others to join us in this historic venture. Purchase, donate, list your business or organization, share, write, or even suggest improvements – these are all ways that you can participate. 

Finally, I never end my note without asking you to join us as we take deliberate and intentional steps towards achieving a stronger and more prosperous community.            

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  1. Olivia OnyekaChi

    Indeed it takes a village! I am impressed of the work you are putting into this vision. I pray for more grace and strength and that God will richly bless the work you are doing!

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