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Welcome to the Month of August – an Unusual Summer Month

"I am happy to tell you that in the past month, we have continued to enjoy an uptick in readership and engagement. For example, more people read and reacted out to us regarding our July publication than ever before. It is a testament to the hard work of the crack team behind the NPM brand."

Welcome to the month of August. So far, it has been an unusual summer. August is usually the summer month when most of the activities in the Nigerian communities across the United States occur. From weddings to birthday parties, from christenings to cultural celebrations, and from house parties to conventions, August is the prime month for these events. Unfortunately, summer is whizzing past without the events that we have come to associate it with. For example, COVID-19 has led to the cancelation or deferment of many of the events that Nigerian communities relied on to raise funds for projects. COVID-19 will last in our memories as the Grinch who stole 2020 summer fun away from us. Nevertheless, we remain grateful, bearing in mind a common Igbo nugget of wisdom “Ndu bu isi.” It is my hope that we ride out this summer in health and wellness.  

While we pray for good health, it is important that we control the things we can. For example, if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, and develop fever or symptoms such as a cough or difficulty breathing, do not hesitate to call your healthcare provider for medical advice. It may seem that these COVID-19 alerts are humdrum, but the disease remains the most critical global challenge of our time. Therefore, Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM) will continue to bring COVID-19 alerts to our readers until the commotion around the pandemic subsides. 

Let me now turn to the events at Nigerian Parents Magazine.

I am happy to tell you that the growth of NPM has followed the typical trajectory of other successful magazines. As part of our growth, we have added two amazing people to our list of contributors: 

Patrick Idima

Idima, a Special Education teacher and an administrator with many years of experience, joins NPM as a contributor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Uyo and a master’s degree from Lesley University, Massachusetts. Idima has served in leadership positions in numerous Nigerian ethnic and national associations. 

Hamilton Thom-Manuel

Thom-Manuel was a sportswriter for The Tide in Nigeria before moving to play club soccer in Italy, Holland, England, Singapore, and the United States. He holds a business management degree from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  

 I am also happy to tell you that in the past month, we have continued to enjoy an uptick in readership and engagement. For example, more people read and reacted out to us regarding our July publication than ever before. It is a testament to the hard work of the crack team behind the NPM brand. In the coming weeks and months, the NPM team will work to engage the services of Nigerian youths as interns in the areas of creative writing, social media management, advertisement, and content management. We strongly believe that creating an inward-looking community is the best way to showcase our talents to the rest of the world. In fact, it is the best way to create an enviable future for our youths. Therefore, I ask you, as I have done in my previous Editor’s Notes, to join hands with NPM to celebrate high achievers who are making us proud here in the United States and around the world. You can do this by visiting our website, following us on Twitter @naijaparentsmag and on Instagram @nigerianparentsmagazine. It is also an opportunity to give our youths a platform for conversation and a bright future.  

It Is Laura O’s time on NPM

Speaking of bright futures, our feature for the month of August is a lady who has already secured her place in media and journalism – Ms. Laura Onyeneho. Onyeneho is a multimedia reporter, professional event emcee and master storyteller. In the past five years, Onyeneho has used her platform to capture and tell the stories of underserved communities. She has worked for the Boston Herald, TV One, WBZ-TV/Radio 21.90,, Baystate Banner, Afroelle Magazine and Narcity. While on her way to greatness, Onyeneho has already racked up a series of awards. In 2015, she won the Victoria Snelgrove Award for Journalism Ethics, and in 2016, received the Emerging Journalist Fellowship for the Journalism and Women Symposium. Onyeneho was recently recognized by Boston Voyager Magazine as one of Boston’s influencers to watch.  

 As if her plate were not already full, in 2013 Onyeneho decided to pursue a career in public speaking and entertainment. Through her emcee services, she facilitates a diverse range of events. From wedding receptions to fashion shows, from fundraisers to galas, and from cultural festivals to conventions, Onyeneho is in a class by herself. According to Onyeneho, her “goal is to work with her clients to enhance the audience experience with enthusiasm, interactive dialogue, and compelling content.” The story of Onyeneho’s life is aptly captured in her slogan: engagement, energy experience. She exemplifies the reasons why NPM was founded.  I invite you to enjoy our interview with Laura O. The interview appears on August 15, 2020. 

Hamilton Odunze

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