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Welcome To the Month of April

By Hamilton Odunze

Welcome to the month of April. As you may have noticed, I am always excited about each new month we step into together. However, let me tell you why I am super excited about this month.

Nigerian Parents Magazine (NPM) went through a rebranding process. From our new logo to new merchandise to new partners to new features and articles, we are now decked out for the summer. So far, we have received five-star feedback from those of you who have seen our new look.  And the NPM store is bursting with items that will make your summer a pleasant experience and let you celebrate your heritage. For those of you who have made a purchase, thank you. For those who have yet to visit our store, I encourage you to check it out to see what everyone is raving about—our items are state-of-the art.

When we put together the NPM store, we made sure that it is deeply rooted in our core values of demonstrating Nigerian excellence and our utmost desire to give you quality gear for celebrating our Nigerian heritage. We believe that any item in our store will be a good way to celebrate special days, including graduations once the COVID-19 pandemic is ameliorated and life returns to a sense of normalcy.

Besides our rebranding, I am also excited about our April feature on Dr. Prince and Ike Nnah, two brothers who are using technology to change healthcare delivery in Massachusetts and in the United States through their company IntelyCare. IntelyCare is a trailblazer in many areas of the healthcare technology industry. I am fascinated and proud that the brothers’ company is the first in the industry to raise $45 million from investors, a phenomenal achievement.

Even with all their achievements, the Nnahs are still very connected to their roots. In their interview with NPM, which will be published in the next few days, they announced an internship program for any Nigerian youth interested in making healthcare technology a career. This type of networking is one of the reasons why we formed NPM and we want you to take advantage of it. My plea is that other Nigerian startups should be gracious enough to follow in IntelyCare’s footsteps.    

I also want to let you know that many activities are going on behind the scenes at NPM. Our ultimate goal is to create a platform for dialogue between Nigerian-American children and Nigerian parents even as we raise them in a culture that is different from what we know. But I am convinced that it will not stop here; many big plans are in the offing.

Hamilton Odunze

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