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About Us

We’re Nigerian Parents magazine. From medicine to education, from sports to mentoring, and from art to music, Nigerians are an essential force of human ingenuity. The magazine was formed to tell the stories of the Nigerians who, in big and small ways, are making our nation proud. We tell these stories with a great sense of nostalgia, pride, and passion. Most importantly, we understand the Nigerian tradition of raising responsible children with stories that elevate them, as well as make them proud of their roots. We toot the Nigerian horn because if we don’t, then no one else will. Join us on this exciting journey.

Our Commitment to Our Readers

We’re committed to bringing to our readers a world-class reading experience. We believe that this is critical to our mission. We aim to tell every story with a profound sense of nostalgia, pride, and passion. And as we relate these stories, we hope that readers will sense our excitement through the very nature of our words. We’re also open to suggestions on how to improve that reading experience.    

Our Mission

Nigerian Parents magazine is for Nigerian diaspora, as well as for all those who harbor goodwill toward hard-working Nigerians. In no small ways, many Nigerians have helped in elevating the wellbeing of their host societies. Yet the stories about those within the Nigerian diaspora don’t reflect this fact. Our mission is to tell and celebrate the stories of these Nigerians. By telling these stories, we aim to build a stronger and even more prosperous Nigerian diaspora community.


Executive Editor

Hamilton Odunze is the executive editor and founder of Nigerian Parents magazine. Previously, he was senior operations analyst at Thomson Reuters Financials, where he managed high-net worth and institutional investor relationships. At the age of 17, Odunze’s first article was published in Nigeria’s Daily Times. Odunze writes frequently for many Nigerian and African newspapers, such as Vanguard, Guardian, Africa Today, and many more. Odunze’s column “The World This Week” is published in The News Guru. Odunze holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and a master’s degree from Jones University, Centennial, Colorado. 

Hamilton Odunze

Managing Partners

Dr. Ejike Eze is a linguistics scholar and community leader with multiple academic degrees and leadership experience. His academic accomplishments include a first-class honors degree and a master’s degree from University of Lagos, a Master of Philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge, England, and a doctoral degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada.

After a brief stint as a university professor and author of several scholarly articles and books, Dr. Eze ventured into corporate America, where he has held several leadership positions at such corporations as KPMG, Bearingpoint and Arbella Insurance Group. He currently serves as executive vice president and consulting partner at Emerald Consulting Group, a Boston-based management consulting firm. He also sits on the board of numerous religious, academic, and community organizations, including an advisory board of the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Dr. Eze is passionate about helping Nigerian parents do the best they can to raise outstanding children. As the first two-term president of the influential Igbo Organization of New England, he’s collaborated with leaders of various Nigerian ethnic groups in his quest to help map the path forward for Nigerian youth. Dr. Eze lives in Holbrook, Massachusetts with his wife, NJ (Mkpulumma) and their children.

Ejike Eze, PhD.

Godwin is an award-winning multi-media journalist.  His professional experience covers print, broadcast and online media for a variety of Nigerian and international media outlets. Over the years, he has written for a number of print publications including and The Africa Report, Vanguardia Dossier and African Decisions, published in Paris, Barcelona and Cape Town respectively. His broadcast experience includes BBC African Service and Nigeria Television Authority (NTA). He holds master’s degrees from Boston University.

Godwin Nnanna

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